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Our philosophy

Nature comes first

Podarcis muralis

In Drakonis company, we strongly believe that the real freedom comes from nature. That’s why we do our best to create terrariums which are not only a place for your animals to live in, but also a true piece of nature itself.

Interior decorations are made with our original technique of creating beautiful rock formations which combine realism, light weight and functionality. This lets us creating caves, water pools, waterfalls, and others both integrated into structural background or separated.


Quality over quantity

We never bowed to simplicity and mass production trends, always providing customers with terrariums and decorations presenting solid and unchangeable values. From the very beginning to final product we control the manufacturing process to achieve and deliver the finest quality products to you.

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Our mission

Iguana On Tree

Our mission is to bring terraristics to another level – to popularize it and to share knowledge about exotic animals. Finally, our goal is to keep producing terrariums that are great decoration as well as aquariums are now.

Most of terrariums available on the market are of very low quality. Sometimes they tend to look nice, but after a closer look or longer time of usage you can notice that some things are not just as they should be. Sometimes it’s used material that doesn’t withstand high humidity, sometimes it’s just an irritating access to hides (which also should be cleaned often, yes!). Most often, however, it’s just a poor quality product made by people who treat it as any other furniture.

I’ve always believed the mission is greater than the man. – Rick Perry

In Drakonis, we consider every single details separately. Before we start working on structural background, its first stage design has to be first reviewed and accepted. After that, the long and accurate process of creating background may start. Separate interior elements, such as branches or plants, are also adjusted properly to that specific background. There is much more into creating terrarium than one might think!

We care about animals, therefore we don’t lower the requirements for the sizes of terrariums. Germany is the most mature country if it goes about this – you could compare opinions about terrarium sizes for specific species in Poland and in Germany and you’d be surprised of how different they are.

People still hurt animals by keeping them in too small terrariums or terrariums that are not designed well for the specific animal (lack of essential UV lighting, proper humidity, temperature, proper density of hides, etc.).

We believe that only bringing the nature particle to terrarium’s environment lets animals live a healthy life and brings joy to people watching this microclimate. We are one of pioneers of treating terraristics seriously.