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Aqua terrarium for aquatic turtle

Terrarium Description

Aqua terrarium of size 150/60/90 cm (length/depth/height) was divided into two parts – land and water, with ratio 1:3. Therefore the land part is of size 50/60 cm and the water one of size 100/60/50 cm. Under the land part a locker was placed in order to provide place to keep external filter in. Left and front side were glazed so that it’s possible to watch the aquarium part.

Aqua terrarium was made with lighting (including UV emitting fluorescent lamp), heating and full decoration. It was dedicated to aquatic turtle.

For decoration we built structural background in color of natural rocks on all sides, both on land and water part. As a passage between both parts we used a ramp (also in background’s style), thanks to what a very esthetic effect as a whole was achieved. Fake plants were integrated into structural wall.

Volume: 810 l

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