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Terrarium for bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps)

Terrarium Description

Terrarium of size 120/45/50 cm (length/depth/height) made for adult bearded dragon. Terrarium was richly equipped with all elements required for steppe lizard and elements which improve esthetics and automize process of taking care of terrarium. Right side was glazed in order to provide better possibility of observing lizard.

As a heating we used a infrared rays (not seen by animals) emitting bulb of power sufficient to heat whole terrarium. As a part of lighting, we installed halogen bulbs and UV emitting fluorescent lamp of 10.0 emission factor, which is close to the amount of UV rays found in bearded dragon’s natural environment.

Inside, we installed structural background which is a realistic imitation of sandstone. Properly situated ledge serves both as so-called “heat island” and as a hide. Fake plants and blue-colored LED lighting was integrated into whole structure.

Both heating element and lighting is connected to the special terrarium controller responsible for automatic keeping temperature on required level and for switching lighting on and off during night and day. LEDs were connected to light switch in order to provide manual control over night lighting.

To terrarium we also added a branch, a waterfall and sand as a substrate.

Volume: 270 l

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