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Terrarium for bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps)

Terrarium Description

Terrarium of size 120/50/60 cm (length/depth/height) for young bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) fully equipped and decorated. Terrarium was made of laminated particle board in color silver, with aluminium ventilation grille covered with net in order to prevent insects from running away from terrarium.

As lighting and heating we used halogen heating bulbs and UV rays emitting bulb (as daylight) and Night Glo bulb (as nightlight). Two-channel controller is responsible for switching between daylight and nightlight depending on preset hours. We also added a possibility of specific bulbs manual switching. Whole wiring was esthetically hidden between two top boards.

Inside terrarium we placed structural background which is an imitation of real sandstone. A spacious hide was integrated into background, later covered with branch. To terrarium we added mentioned branch, specially prepared sand as substrate, water bowl and additional thermometer.

Volume: 360 l

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