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Terrarium for boa constrictor (Boa constrictor)

Terrarium Description

Spacious terrarium in color rustic oak, of size 140/60/120 cm (length/depth/height) designed for boa constrictor snake (Boa constrictor constrictor).

Terrarium has been fully equipped and arranged. As a background, we used structural wall made of very durable material, resistant to high humidity and temperature. It was made in color of sandstone in accordance with what customer asked for. Structural background smoothly merges into pool and hide of size adjusted to size of an adult boa constrictor snake. Two branches and fake plants were integrated into structural background.

As a heating and lighting we used three halogen bulbs with possibility of attaching additional bulb with traditional E27 screw base. Each bulb was connected to separate switch to provide better control over temperature and lighting intensity inside terrarium.

As a substrate we used coconut bark chips.

Volume: 1,008 l

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