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Terrarium for carpet python (Morelia spilota)

Terrarium Description

Terrarium for carpet python (Morelia spilota) of size 70/60/110 cm (length/depth/height) fully equipped and decorated. Inside terrarium we placed low intensity lighting and heating. Whole wiring was installed between two upper particle boards. Everything is manually controlled by double light switch.

As a part of decoration, we created structural background which is an imitation of rocks, of very high resistance to climatic conditions prevailing inside humid terrarium. Background also includes heated ledge for a snake. We preserved tropical climate feeling by integrating fake plants into the background. On the bottom of terrarium, we placed a hide and a pool of size adjusted to size of adult carpet python. All of these designed and created in the same style as background. To terrarium we added coconut bark as a substrate and a branch which was permanently integrated into rocks.

Volume: 462 l

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