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Terrarium for green iguana (Iguana iguana)

Terrarium Description

Terrarium of size 120/80/50 cm (length/depth/height) for young green iguana (Iguana iguana) fully decorated and equipped with necessary elements. For natural lighting and heating we used halogen bulbs and one fluorescent bulb of color temperature close to natural sun during cloudy day. As a source of UVA and UVB rays, we have added Ultra-Vitalux bulb of increased UV rays emission, for daily, few minutes use.

Structural background was made in the way that it takes as little space as possible. Only the ledge was enlarged, so that iguana can bask on it without any problem. Inside terrarium we placed a branch, which is a transition from upper to lower parts of terrarium, a pool and a humidifier.

Volume: 1,440 l

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