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Terrarium for green iguana (Iguana iguana)

Terrarium Description

Fully decorated tropical terrarium for young green iguana (Iguana iguana). Terrarium is vertical and of size 75/60/180 cm (length/depth/height).

Inside terrarium we placed structural background – the imitation of real rocks in shades of gray with very diverse structure which allows iguana to climb. Fake, but realistic plants were integrated into background, providing very esthetic look of terrarium as a whole and mental comfort of an animal. As a place to rest we used two branches. Inside terrarium we also placed a pool of area half of a size of the terrarium’s bottom, preserving the same esthetic style as the rest of decorations.

Three 50W halogen bulbs served as lighting and heating which provide proper temperature and UV emitting light bulb with emission factor 5.0 creates similar intensity of UV to that in tropical areas.

Volume: 810 l

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