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Terrarium for madagascar day geckos (Phelsuma madagascariensis)

Terrarium Description

Terrarium of size 90/50/75 cm (length/depth/height) made of laminated particle board for a couple of madagascar day geckos (Phelsuma madagascariensis). It was fully decorated with a structural background being a imitation of real rocks, fake plants, a water pool integrated into background and a coconut fiber as a substrate.

As a lighting and a heating we installed two halogen bulbs, a UV rays emitting lamp, a heating bulb and a night bulb.

We have also installed a special control which is responsible of maintaining proper conditions inside terrarium, i.e. keeping the right temperature and humidity (by using a fogger) during the night and the day and turning the lighting on during the day and off during the night.

Volume: 338 l

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