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Terrarium for royal python (Python regius)

Terrarium Description

Terrarium of size 100/40/60 cm (length/depth/height) including full tropical decoration dedicated to royal python (Python regius).

Our task was to arrange terrarium to be both eye-catching and fully functional, but also to be appropriately designed for ball python. With that in mind, in terrarium we placed fake rocks in a form of structural background, fully resitant to unfriendly conditions inside tropical terrarium. We also placed a pool and a hide adjusted to the size of adult royal python. Both are connected to structural background which make it appear to be its integral part. Whole decoration also included realistic plants.

As a lighting and heating we used reliable halogen bulbs, which – in combination with background’s structure – create so-called heat island, which warm rocky ledges up in the same way the sun does it in natural environment.

Volume: 240 l

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