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Terrarium choice consulting

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We offer consulting regarding choosing the right terrarium for specific animals. This service is completely free of charge to anyone. In Drakonis, we understand that sharing our knowledge is essential to decrease number of animals kept in bad conditions.

What do I need terrarium for?

Our wish is to make people aware of how demanding exotic animals are and that they can’t be kept outside or in poorly designed terrariums. There are a lot of reasons for this. Some of them are:

  • wrong humidity – tropical animals coming from rainy areas require much higher humidity than it is in our houses. Too low humidity may cause problems with moulting process, breathing, etc. and may finally lead to animal’s death.
  • wrong temperature – many animals suffer from too low temperature. We have to remember that reptiles and amphibians are poikilothermic in opposite to humans who are homeothermic. It basically means that their organisms are more vulnerable to temperature fluctuations than us and need to be kept in environment which holds steady range of temperatures during day and night.
  • easy to escape – people usually underestimate animals’ ability to escape from terrariums. Even the smallest hole which for us looks like nothing to be afraid of, for a snake or lizard may be a great opportunity to escape. Now if we consider keeping them in our house instead of terrarium, which has unlimited amount of such small and big holes, it’s easy to predict that animal would hide in some unreachable for us place or even escape from house.
  • possibility of getting injured – despite appearances this does not only consider house itself. There are many poorly designed terrariums on the market which potentially lead to serious injuries or even death of an animal. This is due to things like lately very popular ‘heat islands’ which temperatures are not properly adjusted and cause burns or lighting bulbs which are in animals’ reach and may cause the same problems. People usually don’t care about such things, thinking that “if my animal feels it’s too hot, it will not touch it”. Unfortunately these animals don’t feel the heat as we do and most often the curiosity is stronger than anything else for them.

Terrarium choice consultant

Free consulting

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