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Terrariums to order

Welcome to Drakonis

We offer professional and functional vivariums which may serve as a great decoration in your home, or at your company. All our products are made to order which means that each of them has its original style and look.

We invite you to take a look around pictures in gallery of some of our terrariums.

Beauty comes with an idea

Structural background sprayingOur employees work hard to bring beauty of nature to life in our products, first during designing process and then in producing structural background and other decorations inside terrarium.

By choosing our terrariums you receive top quality products made by people whose passion has moved terrarium production to another, artistic level. You can read more about our company’s philosophy here.

Ordering process

The vivarium ordering process is as simple for customer as possible. You just contact us and provide us with your expectations. If you don’t have your own ideas, but just want to find home for your animal, don’t worry – our agents will provide you with essential knowledge about what are the requirements for specific species and usually within 24 hours will prepare a complex offer for you.

After both sides sign the agreement, the process of production starts and you are informed regularly about the progress. Time required for finalizing transaction varies depending on complexity of an order and is approximately specified during ordering.

Carpenter using electric saw in carpentry


Our production facility is based in Lodz, Poland and only there terrariums can be collected personally.

Most terrariums though are too large to collect them personally and our customers come from different countries, therefore our products are usually delivered directly to customers with our own transport. Thanks to that, there’s a guarantee that terrarium is delivered untouched.

We deliver to most EU countries and the price varies depending on complexity of an order and place where it’s meant to be delivered and it’s specified during ordering process.